About Us

Since childhood, Shashi has been passionate towards spiritual activities. At the pivotal age of 16, his mother passed away and this ignited his spiritual quest for understanding the mysteries of life. This intense seeking led him to travel to Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Osho Ashram Pune and Dharmasala.

Having achieved black belt in Japanese Karate and obtaining national champion for 3 years, Shashi still felt he was missing something. This began a fascination with the disciplines of internal martial arts, Qi gong, tai chi, thai yoga massage and other similar subjects. Further studies soon led to Yoga, Pranayama and meditation.

Shashi has learnt from many great masters, he trained in facilitating Osho meditation and therapies from the Osho multiversity, Pune. Trained as an Taosomatic masseuse which is a combination of swedish, deep tissue, Ayurvedic siddha marma treatment and reflexology. An advanced traditional Thai yoga masseuse from Loi Kroi, Chang mai.

Currently, Shashi is training Bardo- the spiritual dimension of living and dying, under Master Veetman from Germany. Additionally, Shashi is heading to Thailand to complete the Teacher training course in Thai Yoga massage and start offering Level 1 & 2 training courses at the school.

Shashi’s built mystic school to contribute to others so that they too can find their inner peace again. He wanted to provide a healing center for others as they walk through transformational moments in their lives as well.