Safety tips for Ladies

Yoga Safety
Follow some simple rules to keep your travel safe and sound:
1. The dress code. It is absolutely essential for ladies to cover their shoulders and chest. Avoid short dresses and transparent clothes.
2. Carry a pepper spray or any other self defence item.
3. Don’t be out in the dark alone, or in a company of ladies. It is always recommended to have a reliable man by your side.
4. Be careful with auto drivers. It is better to use UBER or OLA. There are many cases  of auto drivers abusing foreigners, as well as local ladies.
5. Do not trust strangers who offer to escort you to a shop/hotel/restaurant. Also don’t disclose to random people the place you are staying at.
6. Be street smart. Disrespectful men passing on a bike can slap or grab some body parts. Be always aware of what is happening behind you. If you hear a bike passing by, slow down, have a look back, move slightly out of your way, to avoid anyone touch you.
Point number six is quite a problem in Mysore, particularly gokulam. Some yoga schools have their classes early morning, when it is still dark what gives creepy men a great opportunity to harass a woman. Walk in groups and carry a pepper spray.
•••For the safety of our students we have accommodations within our shala itself. If the number of students exceed the amount of available rooms, we outsource our students to nearby accommodations and provide a morning pickup for them, in order to insure that they are safe.•••