What to carry to India

YogaTrip to India1. Ear plugs
At times India might be a bit noisy, so if you are a sensitive sleeper, you might want to carry a pair of ear plugs to have a peaceful sleep.
2. Emergency medicine kit
You can find all sorts of medicine in India, but unless you want to visit a doctor it is better to carry a small set of common medicine you are familiar with. The set will be vary depending on your health condition, but make sure to carry:
• antihistamine
• painkiller
• anti flu pills
• medication that would help you resolve stomach related issues
• band aids
• muscle relaxant that works for you (ointment, spray or tablets) if you are coming for yoga practice  or any other dynamic activity.
3. Sun cream if you are planning lots of outdoor activity.
4. A hat/cap or any other headdress. It is always recommended to cover your head when outside, as the sun in India is quite strong.
5. Your favourite food items, if you are coming for a longer period of time. You will find it a bit difficult to find your favourite food here, for example cheese or chocolate. Local products are adjusted to the local taste and you might not be satisfied with them.
6. Sewing accessories and a tiny pair of scissors will always be handy, in case something gets torn. Make sure not to carry those in your hand luggage, if traveling by plane.
7. Pair of comfortable shoes. India is a tropical country with a great heritage, there are lots of things to see here and due to the climate it might seem that a pair of flip flops is sufficient here. But if you are planning some walking tours here, make sure to carry comfortable footwear, else your experience might be ruined.
8. Foot cream. Might sound funny, but it indeed is  very necessary, as your feet might get a bit dry here.
Most of the things stated above can be bought in India itself, but if it is your first trip, better carry it with you to avoid unnecessary hustle.
Don’t carry lots of clothes with you. Indian outfit is charming, some of it can easily be worn outside India, so make sure to have some empty space in your luggage.