Your Travel to India!

Your travel to India will start with obtaining a visa from an Indian diplomatic mission unless you come from visa-exempt countries or a country whose citizens may obtain a visa on arrival, or an e-Visa. When receiving your visa have a careful look at it, does it mention anywhere a compulsory registration with a local police on arrival? If it does don’t forget to register within the first 14 days of your stay.
Upon arrival there are several things you want to keep in mind:
1. The dress code, which mostly applies to ladies. It is strongly recommended for them to cover their shoulders, not to expose chest and avoid transparent/short dresses or shorts.
2. Your health. You have to be very careful with the drinking water- drink only bottled water: bisleri, kinley, aqua and others. Avoid water in cups or jars being served at every single restaurant (unless it is a 5 start hotel). Yes, local people drink such water, but you might not want to put your stomach and immune system to such a trial 😊
3.Beware the street food! Yes, most of it is delicious, but if it is your first visit to India do not try it. Give your immune system some time to adjust to local environment, food and bacterias😅
4. Be careful with strangers who offer you a 1001 service/tour. Most of Indians are very friendly and always ready to help you, but at times it is better to beware intrusive people, they might not be completely honest with you.
5. If by any chance you get into any sort of conflict/trouble, avoid solving it yourself. Instead contact the local police and if it does not resolve the issue or give the expected result, contact your country’s nearest embassy or consulate for support.
6. Avoid being out alone after sunset. Even being in a large group of people do your best not to stay out for too long.
In part 2 you will find information on what to carry when coming to India and part 3 will be dedicated to lady’s safety in India (particularly  Mysore)