Yoga Anatomy Course



Noah’s Anatomy Class

Basic Theory: Anatomy and Kinesiology, 10 Hours.
Regional Anatomy:  Pelvis, Hip, Knee, Spine, Shoulder, 10 hours.

TEACHER: Noah Mckenna M. Sc. Chiro.

TIMING: Monday to Friday 2 hours classes Midday (times can be flexible).

COST: Rs 8.000


Understanding anatomy is probably the most useful information available to a yoga teacher. In our own practice we develop a keen intuitive understanding of our bodies, yet without the language to communicate this knowledge teaching can be frustrating. In Sukha Shanti Yoga verbal communication is the key to sharing an intelligent process of human movement. The basic terms of Anatomy describe the positioning and movement of the human form in three dimensional space. With clarity and consistency teachers will develop confidence that comes from knowing rather than guessing. The limitations of the body must be respected for progress in asana. To understand the basis of these physical limitations Anatomy provides the answers. Bones, muscles and tissues have various inherent properties relevant to physical strength and flexibility. In fact the riddle of the many and varied asana can be comprehended by knowing what areas of the body are being targeted. By understanding the articulations of the body movement is clarified. With his background as a chiropractor Noah presents this subject with a therapeutic view in mind. Drawing from years of teaching experience coupled with a bachelors degree in anatomy, physiology and neurology and his clinical experience Noah has distilled the essentials into an interesting and interactive experience. He presents an explanation of kinesiology which meshes perfectly with the definition of vinyasa to describe how asana works therapeutically. This is original work that has come from years of personal practice and a discriminating analysis of the practice from years of study.

CONTENT: Anatomy and Kinesiology.

1.Anatomical terminology.

The body in space.
The different planes and how to feel them in asana.
The sagittal plane, mirror imaging and trance.
The multiplicity of the planes in anatomy.
Cognition the basis of clear speech as an asana teacher.
The illusion of symmetry.
Posture, Scoliosis and Patterning.
Understanding bodies other than our own.

2.Connective tissue.

The genesis of the fibres.
Embryology and ayurveda.
The prominence of collagen.
Types of structure.
Flexibility and plastic deformation.
Injuries, prevention and healing.
Effects of temperydration, hature, hormones and diet.


Types (Fibrous, Cartilaginous and Synovial) and examples.
Spectrum of mobility and stability.
Range of motion.
Barriers to flexibility (muscle v. connective tissue).
Proprioception, mechanoreceptors and feedback to muscles.
Special types of movements.


Bone density, Wolfs law, electromagnetism forces and fields.
Alignment of skeleton.
Tropism and potential shape change.
Weight bearing exercise and asana.


Morphology of muscles macrostructure.
Microstructure of filaments.
Muscles, homeostasis and metabolism.
Titin the missing key to understanding muscle extensibility.
Fast Twitch and slow twitch fibres.
Muscle tone, muscle balance and posture.
Tonicity and stress.
Strength: Concentric, eccentric and isometric.
Length: Range of motion.
Agonist and antagonist pairing.
Prime movers and synergists.
Postural Muscles and tension.
Polyarticular muscles and tightness.

6.Nervous System (Somatic sensation and movement)

Structures and cells.
Peripheral nervous system: afferent and efferent nerves.
Central nervous system morphology: Spinal cord, hypothalamus and cortex.
Proprioceptors, body awareness and the role of asana in yoga.
Special receptors and reflexes.
Movement and postural patterning.

7.Therapeutic Concepts (How yogasana and the body respond)

Reciprocal inhibition.
Post-isometric relaxation.
Visual Reflexes: How drishti works.
Realistic outcomes from asana practice.
Smart practice for comfort and longevity.
Intelligent sequencing in vinyasa.


Noah explores this deep and engaging content with wit and simplicity, drawing from more than 20 years of yoga experience. Through intense study under multiple teachers in many varying styles Noah is uniquely able to present an open-minded broad perspective of yoga in both India and the West. Noah keeps both the content and the energy of the workshop moving at a brisk yet comprehensible pace, improvising examples and metaphors to always keep explanations relevant to asana practice. Sessions are in pairs of 2 or 2.5 hours per day, making for a total of 8-10 hours over a full weekend. All material is presented in a lecture/tutorial-style which allows for brevity when necessary and discussion as needed. Noah projects slides for clarity and utilizes skeletal structures for demonstration. Participants may also engage directly as Noah demonstrates in a hands-on approach to many asana and their function. All attendees will have a chance to exercise kinesthetic awareness as Noah puts concepts into the context of asana.

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Noah’s presentation is clear, accessible and thought provoking. A gift to yogis both new and seasoned.
Dena Kinsberg


All our students loved Noah’s workshop. He combines great knowledge about yoga and the physical body in a very interesting and fun way. An absolute recommendation for all yoga students and teachers!
Janneke Wersma


Noah brought an amazing presentation of yoga anatomy with him to the GAVY Teacher Apprenticeship. I recommend him 100% to any yoga practitioners and teachers that want to understand what is going on within the body during asana practice. All in an exciting, dynamic way. Noah Rocks!
Michael Gannon Yoga Dealer

After attending Noah Mckenna’s Anatomy Workshop I immediately enrolled for the workshop again. His teaching style is a totally natural imparting of the key points about anatomy as it relates to yoga from a starting point of complete understanding. If a teacher is completely in command of their subject the teaching comes with such ease. Noah answered questions thoughtfully & clearly & ensured the whole group grasped the concepts he was explaining. I would highly recommend his workshops for every level in yoga.
Sarah Gordon


I found Noah’s classes invaluable to my practice.
Bo Chang


I honestly think that studying with Noah has saved my practice in several ways. He taught me that by deconstructing the way you approach your practice, whether it may be asana, pranayama or meditation, by calmly looking at the pieces instead of staring blindly at the goal, you can find your way into a practice which will heal you in every aspect of what you are.
Petra Kalla


I recommend his courses highly to beginners as well as advanced practitioners — his vast knowledge propels the student onto a new level.
Kripa Patra Rode


Noah’s workshop was perfect for exploring and getting going with a healthy and inspiring self-practice. The combination of attention to detail and spiritual guidance has taken my practice to another level. Noah’s approach and knowledge has simply made it more fun and rewarding.
Sandra Andreis