Hatha Yoga TTC with Noah

200 Hour Yoga Alliance USA Certified Teacher Training Course

Want to learn to teach yoga? Noah Mckenna has a wonderful course for you. Many Yoga Teacher Training Courses fail to impart the skills and experience needed to give good yoga. Similar courses cost much more in the west. Get a top level education from a world class teacher at an Asian price. Students wishing to deepen their practice will find Noah’s instruction establishes your ground level and gives you the technique to grow with grace. The method of teaching may be transferred to any style of practice.

Three distinct stages enable students to experience the simplicity of the form and discover the possibility of transformation. We move in baby steps over 4 weeks.


 "Noah Mckenna in Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana"

“Noah Mckenna in Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana”

Level 01– Basic series progressing from fully guided to perfect self practice.
This sequence forms the basic template from which we can teach beginners safe and effective practice.
Level 02– An intermediate series will challenge your ability, explore your limits and give you the insight on how to progress.
Level 03– Self Practice according to your own need. At the end of the course students will use the material to create their own yoga.


Stage 01– Basic teaching skills using verbal instruction and demonstration in pairs and small groups.
Stage 02– Teaching off the mat giving adjustments to students.
Stage 03– Delivering a 1.5 hr guided asana class at beginners level according to sequence.
Stage 04– Freestyle with exercises that assist your creativity, confidence, leadership and intelligent approach to teaching.

Course Requirements:

1. One year of regular asana practice
2. Completed application form
3. Pay deposit prior to course and full payment by start date
4. Personal yoga mat, strap and suitable clothing
5. A copy of the 2 required reading texts for homework assignments

What you may take from this course:hatha-yoga-training-course

  • Learn to teach a 2 hour beginners class
  • Create and modify yoga classes to suit any situation
  • Optimize your practice of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation learning from an advanced teacher
  • Develop and sustain your own self practice
  • Study what yoga is and how it works from a 2000 year old philosophical text
  • Learn human anatomy applied to yoga practice in a therapeutic sense

Material Resources:

Complete practice workbook for 2 asana sequences and pranayama, mudra, kriya and bandhas.
Practice DVD for asana sections.

And More!:

Read further for a full breakdown of the course content and an introduction to the teachers.

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