About Raghavendra

He used to work with multinational companies in various fields. He realized that the work which he was doing was by chance and not by choice.

He started to feel that there is something more to life than just getting stuck in a place and getting in a loop. Seeking started from there which led him into the spiritual path and aligned him with healing arts.

Gradually as he started to learn the arts, he realized that he was doing all this by choice. The level of satisfaction and happiness while practicing these wonderful arts was beyond what he thought satisfaction was. He immediately understood that he can only be in this arena of life where he can dedicate himself towards learning, understanding and teaching these amazing healing arts to every individual who knows and wants to know what it is to share loving kindness.




Thai yoga bodywork (Nuad Bo Rarn) is also referred to as “Meditation in Movement”; with the beautiful flow of the movement during the bodywork, the mind disappears. You will be, but there will be no mind in it, the state of no-mind will give you the glimpse of Inner Mountain. Inner Mountain School of Healing Arts, based in Bangalore conducts certification courses in Thai Yoga Bodywork and Toksen at pristine locations in Bangalore, Mysore and HD kote near Kabini river.


IMOSHA assists individuals, trains spa staff, wellness centers, gyms, fitness instructors, personal trainers, yoga teachers and practitioners of various healing arts to deliver the bodywork and spread awareness about the benefits of such profound healing arts and bring a sense of wellbeing to the recipient and self. Imosha also works towards creating job opportunities for the visually challenged in the field of bodywork and this is taught without any fees.