Schedule & Price

Schedule of regular Classes

Mystic School has got two practice space. Kundalini Auditorium for TTC classes and Tanush Villa Auditorium for Regular classes.

** We have special discount prices for regular Yoga classes for the month of April & May!!

   Email us to for the details.**

Please Note:
1. All our classes run full year. We will appreciate if you could call or email us before arriving.
2. Any change of schedule will be updated on our website.
3. Prior booking is needed for treatments, one to one healing session and other courses.
4. We conduct regular classes on full moon, new moon and all national holidays.
5. Sunday is a Holiday.

April 23, 2017

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Back Bending and Hip opening


Price for all regular classes:

Rs. 500 drop in
Rs. 2500/week one class a day
Rs. 5000/week 2 classes a day
Rs. 10,000/month 1 class a day
Rs. 20,000/month for unlimited classes(includes pranayama & meditation)
1) Pranayama & Meditation fee shown above are for Drop in & for 10 days.


2) Prior booking is must for all the courses, Sessions and Training either by email or call.


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