• Consulting ayurvedic physician, specializing in conducting yoga therapy and administering diet programs tailored to body constitution, to treat chronic diseases.
  • She is presently serving as a visiting Professor, Sri Madakari nayaka ayurvedic medical college, India.
  • She has been conducting tailor- made courses and workshops on Ayurveda, diet programs, Ayurveda therapies and yoga anatomy for 10yrs.
  • Author of an upcoming book on Yoga Anatomy.
  • She specializes in treating muscle-bone-joint injuries related to yoga practices and provides personalized exercises to correct them. She believes strongly in authentic, safe and quality care treatments.
  • Through her writings, lectures and workshops Dr.Shashirekha helps people live a holistic life by offering them solutions based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, which focuses on diet and lifestyle balance.