Thai Massage Course

 Thai Yoga Bodywork

Nuad Bo Rarn also known as Thai Yoga Bodywork/ Massage brings penetrating massage & gentle yoga movements into a profound healing system, leaving the recipient feeling deeply nourished, relaxed, and filled with energy. It enhances the fitness and flexibility levels of both practitioner and recipient.

Participants will be assessed and certified from IMOSHA (Inner Mountain School of Healing Arts). The teacher is certified from SMH, under the supervision of ministry of Education, Thailand.

Teacher: Raghavendra

Course Description :

Level 1 & 2 (60 hours)

Pre requisiteNone

Level 1&2 not only takes you through the basics of Thai Yoga Massage / Bodywork, but also through the choreographing of sequences, which will allow you to effectively deliver bodywork for 120 minutes. You would learn the following in this 60 hours program.

Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage,

Contraindications and benefits,

Body mechanics,

Basic anatomy related with movements,

Supine position,


Energy Lines (Sen),

Assisted stretches,

Abdomen work,

Working on shoulder, arm, head and face,

Side position,

Prone position and

Seated position.


Level 3 & 4 ( 60 Hours) –  Advanced Levels

Pre requisiteLevel 1&2

Level 3 takes you through the understanding of some of the important Energy lines (SEN) and also the ailments associated with the disruption of energy in the pathway and effectively work using Thai Yoga Massage / Bodywork and Toksen techniques. The Sen (Energy lines) addressed are

Sen Sumana

Sen Itta, Pingkala

Sen Kalathari

Sen Sahatsarangsi, Thawari

Sen Lawusang, Ulangka

Level 4 takes you through the pressure points to relieve some of the ailments. You will be able to locate and effectively work on the same using Acupressure and Thai Yoga Bodywork techniques. The ailments addressed are


Neck pain,

Shoulder pain (from hypertension, shortness of breath, digestive disorder, menstruation cramps, and tired shoulders)

Knee pain,

Back pain,

Numbness in legs and arms etc.

Participants can choose to do all the 4 levels or just Level 1& 2 or Level 3 & 4 during the schedule.

Course Duration: Level 1 & 2 : 2 weeks & Level 1,2,3&4 : 4 weeks

Time: 9:30am – 3:00pm

Level 1 & 2 – Rs 25,000/-
Level 3 & 4 – Rs 25,000/-

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Course Schedule for 2016/2017 Thai Massage


Dates Month Year Levels Fees
1-10 July 2016 1&2 Rs 25,000
5-14 August 2016 1&2 Rs 25,000
5-30 September 2016 1,2,3&4 Rs 50,000
3-28 October 2016 1,2,3&4 Rs 50,000
1-25 November 2016 1,2,3&4 Rs 50,000
5-14 December 2016 1&2 Rs 25,000
2-27 January 2017 1,2,3&4 Rs 50,000
1-28 February 2017 1,2,3&4 Rs 50,000