100H Ashtanga Yoga TTC

100 hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC / Yoga Immersion.

100H Ashatnag Yoga

100H Ashatnag Yoga

The 100 hours Ashtanga TTC (2 weeks long) is a part of the traditional 200 hours TTC which is 4 weeks long. The course based on the same Module covers the first two weeks or last two weeks of the 200 hours TTC. Divided in to two weeks, the 100 hours course is created for those who do not have time to attend 200 hours at once, or for those who prefer to do the course in a more relaxed way, instead of receiving an intense four weeks long training.

Participant completing the 100 hours TTC course will receive Course completion certification by the school, which does not authorize you to teach yoga classes. when the participant complete the second 100 hours course (last two weeks of 200 hours TTC) and receive a 200 hours Yoga Alliance USA & UK certificate.

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Typical Day Schedule

6am to 8am : Ashtanga Primary series Asana Practice

8am to 9am : Pranayama

9am to 11am : Break fast and rest

11am to 1pm : Anatomy/Philosophy

1pm to 3pm : Lunch and rest

3pm to 5pm : Teaching methodology

5.30pm : 6.30pm : Meditation

6.30pm onwards : Dinner

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