300H / 500H Ashtanga Yoga TTC

300/500 Hours Ashtanga Yoga TTC with Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance Professionals UK Certification.

Year : 2017 & 2018

Module : Primary Series (Yoga Chikistsa) & Intermediate Series (Nadi Shodana )

Course Description.

The course presents strong emphasis on the Traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series and Intermediate Series .Trainees expected to maintain a daily Yoga practice  during the training.

Yog Shala


The course includes following areas of study.

  • Asana Primary series & Intermediate Series.
  • Yogic breathing practice Basic & Advance
  • Basic And Advance Anatomy and Physiology  for yoga
  • Philosophy of Pathajali Yoga Sutras
  • Teaching methodology
  • Active & Passive Meditations
  • Ethics and  business of Yoga.

  Course Objectives

  • Trainees will be able to practice and teach primary series of Ashtanga asana sequence and Intermediate series of Ashtanga asana sequence , How to give hands on adjustment.
  • Trainees will learn Basic & Advance Yogic breathing techniques called Pranayama.
  • Trainees will learn Philosophy of Pathanjali Yoga sutras Samadhi Pada, Sadhana Pada,Vibhuti Pada , Kaivalya Pada.
  • Trainees will learn Active and passive meditation techniques.
  • Trainees will learn Basic & Advance anatomy for yoga and understand articulation of body parts based on asana’s.
  • Trainees will learn basic skills in business , Marketing and ethics of Yoga


Ashtanga & Teaching Methodology
Anatomy & Physiology
Yoga Sutras
Ayurvedic Diet
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