Japa Yoga

JAPA YOGA Workshop

The YOGA of Devotion ( Bhakti Yoga ) lays a great deal of importance on the japa (the repeate utterance)
The Bagavad-Gita, has eulogised the JAPA practice. The Patañjali Yoga does recognize the importance of the japa.

Sri Patanjali, in his aphorisms on the Yoga Philosophy, has recognised JAPA as a form of YOGA.
The JAPA YOGA is simple in comparison with some of the other methods of Yoga.

The JAPA if sincerely and regularly practised, would be able to keep the body and mind healthy, to release the self to attain liberation.


JAPA MALA WORKSHOP ( 3 days, 90 min each day ) 10,000 INR

– Origins
– How to use the mala
– Yantras
– Mudras

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