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 “Osho Bardo – A New transmission from Swami Anand Bodhicitta”

 About Swami Bodhicitta

Swami Anand Bodhicitta

Swami Anand Bodhicitta aka Dr. Andrew Ferber MD has been a disciple of Osho for 40 years. He is the Director of the Osho institute for the art of living and dying.He has studied the Bardo teachings for 45 years this life, mostly under the guidance of Kathar Khenpo Rinpoche. He formally received the teachings from Thrangu Rinpoche in Kathmandu in 1986, and was empowered to transmit them after doing the 49 day Bardo retreat.When he asked Osho how to modify them for contemporary minds, Osho said “you do it Bodhicitta, follow your feeling”.

He has been working on this for 30 years and is now ready.When he asked Kathar Khenpo 3 years ago how to modify the teachings, khenpo-la said “you understand the Western mind better than I do” and laughed. Bodhicitta is a retired Assoc. Professor of Psychiatry from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has practiced psychiatry,energy healing and taught meditation for 58 years, over five continents.He has been in Pune 1,Pune 2, the Ranch. He lived with Swami Yoga Chinmaya In Nepal,and again in the Indian Himalayas until 2007 when he returned to the West. He currently works as a child and adolescent psychiatrist in South Florida. The content of the workshop is a mixture of ancient and contemporary techniques, selected Osho discourses, all to help you be as conscious as possible during the six bardos from death to death.


 Introduction to the bardo teachings

The Bardo teachings are Tibet’s greatest contribution to humanity. Most people think of the Bardo teachings as “The Tibetan Book” of the Dead, the Bardo Thodol. They know of the showing of the peaceful and wrathful deities in the interval between death and the next rebirth. The Bardo teachings also refers to the larger idea that our entire existence on this planet is a series of dreamlike states,(Bardo literally means interval or between states).

These six bardos are: Between birth and death; While dreaming; While in meditation; The showing of the clear light, Just after the dying process; The appearances of the peaceful and wrathful deities which are projections of our own minds; and the seeking of a new womb, the bardo of becoming. The third meaning associated with the idea of the Bardo teachings is “ a series of methods for remaining conscious during the aforementioned six bardos, in order to achieve liberation in as short a time as possible.”

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master300 - Osho


Osho – To Die Beautifully One Has To Live Beautifully                                                                              

Death itself has no existence. What actually happens is the transformation of consciousness from one form into another form, or, finally and ultimately, into formlessness.

The whole question is whether one can die consciously, or the routine way – the unconscious way. Nature has made a provision that before dying the person becomes completely unconscious, goes into a coma, so he knows nothing. It is simply the greatest surgery possible.

If the surgeon is going to remove a small part of the body, he has to make the patient unconscious; otherwise there is every possibility that the pain will be too much and unbearable. And in pain and agony, the surgery may not be successful either. What surgeons are doing, nature has been doing for millennia, and its surgery is far bigger. It takes the whole body away, not a part; it takes the consciousness to another form.

Only if you are almost enlightened – just on the border of enlightenment – can you remain conscious, because the whole process of enlightenment is creating distance between you and your body, you and your mind. If the distance is enough, then you can remain aware and anything can happen to the body – you can watch it, as if it is happening to somebody else. Then it is really an amazing, exciting phenomenon, but not before that.

To say it in other words: “To die beautifully one has to live beautifully”. To die amazingly and in excitement, in ecstasy, one has to prepare one’s whole life for ecstasy, excitement, amazement.

Death is simply the culmination point, the crescendo of your life. It is not against life. It does not destroy life. That’s why I said death does not exist as conceived. It really gives the body another chance to grow. And if you have grown fully then there is no need for another chance; then your being moves into the ultimate being. You are no more a separate small dewdrop, but the whole ocean of existence…

Death is the great surgery. Nothing can be greater. The whole body has to be taken away from the being which has become identified with it and clings to it.  In unconsciousness it is possible to do it.

Very few people die consciously, hence the fear; because very few people live consciously, hence the fear. Whatever you want your death to be, let first your life be exactly the same – because death is not separate from life, it is not an end to life, but only a change. Life continues, has continued, will always continue. But forms become useless,  old, more a burden than a joy – it is better to give life a new, fresh form. Death is a blessing; it is not a curse!

Osho, Transmission of the lamp, chp 14


Typical Day Schedule : 

7am – 8am – Osho Dynamic Meditation8am – 9:30am – Breakfast and silence9.30am – 5pm – Workshop on Osho Bardo Transmission which involves Video, Bardo meditation and Swami Bodhicitta insight and experience of Bardo path and Tibetan lineage vision on Bardo and Many more.

1pm -2.30pm – Lunch,Rest and Silence

5pm – 6pm – Kundalini Meditation

6pm – 7pm – Early Dinner

7pm onwards – Evening meeting of meditators/Video discourse of Osho / Bardo Video

Note :

1. Divine healing will be there for everyone on first day and last day of Workshop.
2. 3rd,4th and 5th day Individual questions and Darshan’s possible.
Dates : Nov 16 – Nov 21 – 2015Price : Rs 30,000 – Luxury Room for Single occupancy.

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